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Many Americans get their news and financial information from the radio. In fact, Americans listen to the radio about three hours per day, on average, according to the Radio Advertising Bureau. Whether it's heard through an alarm clock, over coffee and toast, or through car radios, most Americans get their morning news from the radio. Half of Americans listen to the radio at work, while three out of four adults listen in their cars.

Future Investor Clubs of America has developed FICA Radio as a financial intelligence news online talk show network. Our mission is to provide listeners with an informative, innovative, creative and entertaining format that keeps them excited about tuning in to our radion network. We hope that you will give us a chance to provide you with the best and latest informtation to help you education yourself and family members on important financial matters designed to help all our listeners attain financial success.

Frank Parks-President Future Investor Clubs of America, Inc.

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